About us

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How we got our name

After each get together we have tea, and more often than not, it is chai tea.

As we enjoy our late night tea so much it was suggested that we call ourselves the Chai Quartet - no not musical enough - but Tchai is (after the great composer Tchaikovsky) - so that is how we arrived at our name: The Tchai Quartet.

Current Quartet Members
Mark Lim Mark Lim (1st violin) is the 'maestro' and lead violinist in the group. Whilst playing the violin is a part time hobby for him, he has had over 14 years of experience learning the instrument and has played in orchestras and concert bands prior to joining the quartet.

Within the group, Mark is known as the task master and fearless leader who cracks the whip and sets the tempo for the music. As 1st violinist, he also takes charge of the beautiful sweet melodies present in many of the pieces that the quartet plays. Listen carefully to the quartet's pieces and you will hear Mark's violin taking the music soaring high into the clouds with its colourful and sweet tonal textures.


Janet Fabbri (2nd violin) 

Linden Orr (viola) loves the way the sonorous tone of the viola weaves its way through chamber music pieces, and provides that vital middle voice. After a short time playing the violin, she played a viola at a music camp and never looked back. Her lifelong love of music began early with sounds of jazz, folk and classical in the home. She continues to listen to all types of music but it is chamber music that she loves and is inspired to play. That inspiration has come from her teacher, John Gould, an eminent Canberra musician and conductor, whose generous spirit and teaching style was the catalyst for a rewarding venture into this remarkable form of music making – the string quartet.
  Rachel Towson (cello) 



Past Quartet Members

Col Madden (2nd violin) enjoys playing chamber music and has been doing so for many years. He has had several years away from the violin but took it up again in 2008 and is enjoying the rewards.

Col helps to source the music that the quartet plays and has done some of the arranging of parts.

He is the guy that sets the pulse when playing, that being the role of the 2nd violinist.

Kate Petty (cello) has always delighted in classical music and loves the rich sound of the cello. It provides the rhythmic underpinning to many pieces but it can also soar into melody. String quartets have inspired composers for centuries and playing this endlessly-varied music is one of life’s great pleasures.
Terry Sing Lee (violin/viola) - Terry joined the Tchai Quartet in 2012, initially as a ring-in. Despite having had over 23 years experience in playing the violin, Terry had little chamber music experience and the Tchai Quartet provided the perfect opportunity for him to expand his repertoire. In the time since joining the quartet, he has learnt much about the purest form of music making; that is string quartet playing. Aside from being a violinist for the quartet, Terry acts as stand in violist for the quartet from time to time.

Outside of the quartet, Terry maintains an active participation in amateur orchestras, most notably as concertmaster of the Maruki Community Orchestra. He is also a former member of Balmain Sinfonia and Canberra Youth Orchestra.

  Bonnie Arugay (cello)